Dercum’s Disease Presentation

 I was invited to attend and present a “Physical therapy biotensegrity treatment approach to Dercum’s Disease” at the Biotensegrity Interest Group (BIG) in Washington, D.C. September 15-17, 2015. BIG has been meeting in Europe for the past 6 years with Steven Levin MD, the father of “Biotensegrity”, who developed this concept 40 years ago. Dr. Levin received a special award at the 4th International Fascia Research Congress that was held in Washington, D.C on September 18, 2015, from the Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation for his life’s work. The initial European group consisted of research scientists, physicians, Osteopath’s, a chiropractor, a kinesiology instructor, an anatomist/university director, olympic council members, and more. This year’s event was hosted by the SM Levin Biotensegrity Archive in Washington DC and was maximized with 120 invited guests. Dr. Levin was the primary speaker on biotensegrity, also present was Jaap van der Wal (Anatomy & Embryology), Jean-Claude Guimberteau (“Strolling under the skin” author), Leonid Blyum (Rehabilitation specialist), Al Masi (Medicine & Epidemiology), William Morgan (Chiropractor & White House Consultant), James Oschman (Biophysicist & Energy Medicine), Joanne Avison (best selling author of Yoga: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement), John Sharkey (clinical anatomist) and many other excellent professionals. Mr Sharkey and Ms Avison moderated the event.

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